Moving Around Mexico

Moving Around Mexico

There are a lot of possibilities to travel Mexico and for moving around Mexico. You can pick up any of the means of travelling Mexico and around Mexico. As a rule the main airport to which international flights to Mexico mainly come to is located in Mexico City. You will find many ways of getting around the city, but if you are going to any other destination, other than Mexico City, you will have to take a little trip around the country. Buses, planes, cars, trains are available. Make the best choice using the following information and some pieces of advice:

  • Air planes. Some people like flying; it’s faster than using any other means of transport, though pretty expensive. For example, it will take you some 50 minutes to get from Mexico City to Acapulco, but it’d be useful to take into account that much more time will be spent to travel from the airport to the bay part. If your Spanish is rather poor and you move independently, choose flights, because all the airports staff know English properly.
  • Bus travelling is very comfortable in Mexico offering air conditioners, snacks, beverages and TV sets, and twice cheaper than flying. Speaking of top-class buses nice seats and plenty of leg-room should be noted. There are about 24 places aboard. Price difference between the first -class and the second class buses isn’t that much, it’s better to take the first-class buses. For example, some buses can leave you midway through the journey or take you to Diamante (recently developed part of Acapulco). You’ll save much money on taxis. Though there are some disadvantages of bus travelling if you speak bad Spanish, as bus stations staff are unlikely to know English.
  • Trains are much dearer than buses. There are two classes of cars available; you’d better choose the first-class train cars, as it’s little that you will save taking the lower- class train, but a lot of inconvenience you will gain.
  • Rental cars. Be sure if you prefer driving to other means of travelling. You can get a vehicle at any car rental service centre if you are 25; have a valid license and a credit card. To save up some money book a car before leaving your motherland. Some information about road conditions or maintenance: urban good, rural fair; presence of roadside help is fair.
  • Own cars. It’s possible for Americans leaving in the southern states of the USA to use their own vehicles. It averagely takes some 48 hours. Gasoline can be bought at any station around Mexico, by the way stations work till 10 PM, price is about the American one, don’t forget about tips. Make sure you’ve taken care about Mexican car insurance.

Moving Around Mexico

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